June 30, 2022


Darwin, L.

Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Kerala, Kerala, India.             


The fishermen’s (Mukkuva) language at Trivandrum has many peculiarities, it may not be considered as Malayalam or dialect of Malayalam.  As same the peculiarities of the language; the society also has its own peculiar features.  This particular society is living at the sea shore of the Trivandrum marine coast.  They have tremendous knowledge about their ecosystem (marine) as well as the climate change in the surroundings of them and they have very high knowledge about fishing and its strategies.  Very important one is that; they have these knowledge, which has accumulated and transfer through their own particular language.   As well as other It has its peculiarity; here it is treated as the separate language for the analysis.  This study mainly focuses on noun and verb morphology of the fishermen language using at Trivandrum district.  It has similarities with the Tamil Language, but it is not fully similar to Tamil. In noun morphology here is discussed person, number, gender, and cases; in the case of the verb, morphology deals with the tense forms and personal termination.


noun morphology, verb morphology, person, number, gender, case, tense, personal termination.



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Darwin, L. (2022). Grammatical Peculiarity of Fishermen Language at Trivandrum. Sparkling International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Studies, 5(2), 1-11.


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