Repository of Multidisciplinary Resources

A good foundation is a gateway to success, according to this concept we planted our strong root in the universe in the name “John Foundation”. This is the right place for your career dreams, whereas, your very long educational voyage could encounter an ultimate reaching point. Being a trusted foundation we committed ourselves to serve the society and provide all sort of benefits to the society. This Resource Centre would provide all sorts of educational sources as per your needs.

International Journals

Sparkling (Online) / EduSpark (Print & Online) International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Studies is a corner for your creativity and originality. We believe that “creativity and originality are more important than technical skills”. Our motto is “Be Resourceful: Believe Thyself”. It is a journal of multidisciplinary research studies where all the scholars can publish their articles or research papers in different disciplines. As it is clear in our motto, this is a ground to cultivate and expose your own concealed abilities.

John Publications

“A home without a book is a home without a roof”. According to the quotes, books are valuable and required sources. We believe that ‘your trust is our achievement’. Reflect your thoughts in your writings and publish them in our “John Publications” for the benefit of social welfare. Transform the society, create a valuable and knowledgeable generation through your inscriptions and inspirations. We are responsible for the quality of your books.