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March 31, 2019
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Sparkling International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Studies

(A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal)

Volume 2 Issue 2 April - June 2019


Usha A

Head/Assistant Professor of Commerce, St.Jerome’s College of Arts and Science, Anandhanadarkudy, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India.


Women constitute an integral part of Indian’s socio – economic life. Their role in economic development was not given any serious thought for a long time. However after the drawn of civilization and after the break out of cultural reformation in most of western countries. Women have become partners in economical and social development. In India after independence all round efforts have been made to promote the welfare of women. The constitution has guaranteed to all citizens, irrespective of sex, equality before the law and equality of opportunity in matters of public employments. Employment is considered to be an important indicator of women’s achievement in the economic sphere. In the services, professional and industrial sectors, employment of women has increased fairly rapidly. Work participation rate for females has shown an increasingly trend in the unorganized sector both in the rural and urban areas also. In factories such as readymade garments and cloth manufacturing the labour force consists mainly of women. The important objectives of the study are to study the working conditions of sales girls in Nagercoil town, to analyze the wage rates and savings of sales girls, to know about the basic facilities allowed to the sales girls and to find out the job satisfaction of sales girls in the study area.


sales girls, problems, socio – economic life, cultural reformation, nagercoil town.


Monika Bajaj

Assistant Professor, MIER College of Education, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India.


Even though growing public awareness about environmental issues is evident but lack of adequate environmental knowledge is an obstacle towards achieving a sustainable future for humankind at both global and local levels. The education sector plays a very important role in creating environmental awareness by exposing the younger generation to the data, issues, analysis and interpretations on environment and development. Also by conducting various activities on environmental issues, we can create awareness and help in finding strategies to overcome these problems. The present study aims to find the role of curricular and co-curricular activities in creating environmental awareness among student teachers. A sample of 300 student teachers was taken from different colleges of education in Jammu city. Self made questionnaire was used for data collection. Purposive sampling technique was used. Mean, S.D. and t-test was employed for data analysis. It was found that the level of environmental awareness was high among student teachers studied environment education as a subject and participated in different environment activities conducted in colleges. The study revealed that environmental education must be encouraged where at first student become aware of environment and also get firsthand experience by participating in various activities like tree plantation, visit to environmental places, attending workshops and guest lecturers etc. Then, they acknowledge or review the link between humans and nature.


environmental awareness, curricular, co-curricular activities, student teachers.


Sharmilee Rose P

Assistant Professor, Department of English, Tirunelveli Dakshina Mara Nadar Sangam College, T. kallikulam, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.


This article is set out to analyze the remembrance of Sri Lankan Civil war in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost. He is a Sri Lankan- born Canadian writer. As Ondaatje settled in Canada, he remembers the Sri Lankan Civil War through each and every character of the novel, Anil’s Ghost. He recalls the war through various incidents like killing, disappearance, kidnapping, torturing and burning. He recollects the loss of family members through the character of Lakma and Palipana. He also recalls the sufferings of war like torture and disappearances through the characters, Gunasena and Sirissa. Ondaatje creates the same situation and the cruel incident in this novel. Through this novel he has clearly picturized the Sri Lankan Civil War and the reminiscence of the war.


war, history, mass, abduction bombings, disappearance, violence, reminiscence.


Smitha Santhosh

M.A. Student, Department of English, University of Kerala, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.


Magical Realism or Magic Realism is a genre of fiction that merges magical elements with reality in a way that blurs the edges until seamless characterized by the matter-of-fact enclosure of implausible or mythical elements into ostensibly pragmatic fiction. Magic Realism has been predominant since the 1950s and it is said to be an intermingling of fantasy and reality. It has aspects of dreams and visions, of fantastical creatures. Magic realism could be a twisted sort of reality that has remodeled over the years. It brings together two opposites i.e magic and reality and hence it is used to push boundaries and venture into the unknown. Harry Potter series, written by the contemporary British author J. K. Rowling, has been in the list of bestsellers since its publication. The main idea of this paper analysis is to clarify the mixture of magic with reality as a genre of writing keeping the Harry Potter novels in perspective. This paper analyses Harry Potter series from the perspective of the three universally recognized features of magic realism- the application of unique narrative strategies, the employment of mythological archetypes, and the exposition of social problems.


magical realism, fantasy, reality, harry potter, mythological archetypes.

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