September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020

Sparkling International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Studies

Volume 3           Issue 3           July – September 2020           Pages 14-18


Melina Papa

Writer, Foreign Language Teacher, and Translator, Agios Nikolaos, Agrinio, Greece.


The Sanazar family lived in beautiful Aleppo. Mohamad runs a department store, in the City center. Young, pretty Sibel fell in love with Mohamad and they got married. Soon they will reap the fruit of their Unique love. Sibel gave birth to their beautiful twins Massa and Omar. Everything went on smoothly, till the Spring of 2011. Mohamad died leaving behind, Sibel and the twins, in God’s Sake. Sibel was forced to double her inner power and to start the journey to the unknown, for a better life, for herself and her twins. They settled in Turkey. Independently of the hardships that she met, having like an indelible weapon her principles and her thirst for a bright future, she will stand by the side of her kids, like a gentle caress upon their backs. Wearing her Soul’s Manpower and by being a Humanity Model, Sibel will inspire her kids, Massa, whose name means Marjoram and Omar, whose name means Life, to fight for a Healthy Society. Massa will become the best Psychologist so that to heal the injured human souls. On the other hand, Omar will become a great lawyer, longing for a fair society, where will rein, Equality, and Justice for all Walks of Life. The Willpower Works Wonders!

Keywords: willpower, heart charmer, principles, equality, justice, healthy society, love.


The Heart Charmer novel gives a great insight of willpower of a mother and her two kids who are left alone in their life journey. Sibel a warrior mother raised her twin kids Massa and Omar amidst all the struggle thrown in her life. The novel proves the power of human beings lies solely on their inner power than the external forces. The novel represents a sense of great responsibility people get to their loved ones during tough situations of life. This paper reveals clear insights regarding the role of willpower which plays a vital role in uplifting a human being’s life amidst all the struggles come in their life journey.

The Willpower in the Heart Charmer

Sometimes, Life caresses upon Human Beings, like a little cat that begs for our affection. On the other hand, there are times, were Life is grated upon us, like a sharp knife. The pain caused, could be considered the best motivation to start our journey, chasing the everlasting Happiness.

The Willpower through Melina’s novel, The Heart Charmer, a bilingual novel Greek-English, can move even Mountains. People feel a sense of great responsibility when it comes to their loved ones and therefore is willing to commit acts of bravery so that to maintain or even reinforce this happiness. In Melina Papa’s novel, The Heart Charmer, Sibel, a young, pretty woman, left alone with her orphan twins, after her Heart Charmer’s (named Mohamad) death, decides to use her inner Willpower and longing for life so that to survive. Through characterization, Papa communicates, this young woman’s iron Willpower and Willingness to dive into the unknown, with all that entails. Her Unique and Ultimate goal is a safer and better future where Love, Peace, and Humanity will reign.

At the beginning of the novel, this young mother, Sibel had to double her inner power and caresses for her twins, after her husband’s, her Heart Charmer’s death, in this cursed Arabic Spring of 2011. These moments looked like the worst nightmares of her life.  Melina does say,

‘’That bloody noon of 2011, the cloudy smiles, gave way to a relentless downpour. The raging winds and heartless fires caused shivers, shudders for every living being. Even the Sun was shaking and bleeding. Sibel was at home with her children. In Omar’s and Massa’s wet eyes, she read the fear and insecurity. The maniac storm ordered the shutters of the house to thunder incessantly, spreading fear at every inch. In those frightening moments, Sibel held her children tightly in her arms. All three of them, were like a punch. She was trying to reassure them that from time to time their father would arrive from the store. Sibel’s hands wrapped the children with all their might, her eyes were nailed to the door and she didn’t want to close them for a second. She waited with longing for her husband, her children’s creator, to enter the entrance.’’ (Papa, page 9).

Sibel’s Desire for a safer Life is so deep that doesn’t even take time to consider the consequences of her decision, which means to leave Syria and to be settled in Turkey, where she doesn’t know anyone and therefore she has to start from scratch.

However, because she is a young, powerful woman and her kids, Massa and Omar, two innocent Souls, she risks diving into the unknown. Her kids’ names are symbolic ones. Massa means Marjoram, a flower which aims to scent their lives, forever.

Omar means Life. So, Sibel does believe in a better and safer Life, watered by her Willpower and the indelible Longing, drawn in their eyes. Melina does say,

‘’She opened her warm hands and wrapped them tightly in her arms. Happy, mother, and children, they walked home, talking gracefully about the deeds of the day. Sometimes when the children’s actions satisfied her, to celebrate it, she would make the most delicious sweets with her own hands. And, in fact, with their favorite designs on top. Omar liked cars and Massa liked flowers. Inspired by the Positive Aura of her children, Sibel became the best artist. When Mohamad returned home, he was immersed in the thermal atmosphere and any fatigue left in fractions of a second. After lunch siesta, all four members of the family were gathered. They enjoyed the most beautiful children’s stories.’’ (Papa, page 8).

Even though by putting their feet in Turkey, the living conditions that unfolded, in front of them, weren’t so easy, Sibel kept on struggling and hoping. Melina does say,

‘’They arrive in Istanbul, at the reception center for immigrants, which is nothing more than a storehouse of human souls, according to the majority of immigrants. The living conditions were not easy at all. There was a toilet for hundreds of people. Water was not plentiful, so there is always the risk of children getting sick. Let’s not talk about heating! Around the tents, cold air came in, and when it rained, the water came in undisturbed and formed puddles. There were playful puddles in the children’s eyes. They will splash, their aching souls will laugh even for seconds. Sibel photographs the instantaneous laughter of their eyes, but at the same time, she trembles for the course of their health, in the next few hours and days’’ (Papa, page 13).

Sibel has a strong will to survive. Independently of the hardships that she met, she will stand by the side of her kids, Massa and Omar, like a gentle caress upon their backs, so that to encourage them for their next steps. Sibel wanted as well, her twins not to feel so much, her father’s absence. Melina says,

‘’She wanted her children, the hope of her life, to see life as a fairy tale with a wonderful ending. One of the necessary requirements for their integration in Turkish society was language learning. The Turkish language is not one of the easiest. Sibel firmly believes that Willpower can overcome any obstacle. She will be next to Massa and Omar, a gentle caress on their backs, to continue their lives with dignity. Sibel studies with her children every day and in a short time, she reaps the fruits of her wonderful efforts’’ (Papa, page 13).

Sibel knows that her eyes ‘pupils, her kids, Massa and Omar, are at the prime of their lives. She does believe that Life belongs to them and will do the best possible so that Massa and Omar to enjoy their lives to the most.

Although the hardships that they had to overcome, while living in a foreign country, and Massa’s bad experience, by wearing her Soul’s Manpower and by being a Humanity Model, Sibel will inspire her kids, Massa- Marjoram and Omar-Life, to fight for a Healthy Society.

Massa will become the best Psychologist, having by her side, her Unique Heart Charmer, Based who gives to her wings, so that to heal the injured human souls. They strongly believe that, if the cells of society are healthy, this society will live forever.

On the other hand, Omar will become a great Lawyer, having by his side Niki whose name means Victory, in Greek. Both of them, the dream of a fair Society where will reign, Equality and Justice, for all Walks of Life.

Sibel’s Willpower and Longing for Life will send to her arms, like a divine gift, on her birthday, Nihal, her classmate who loved her, more than himself. Melina does say,

‘’He wrote to her: – Happy birthday, my life! I promise to make you happier than happiness! From her neck, Sibel never took out the necklace with the bluestone that she gave to her, once! She could feel him there, illuminating her every move. To advise her and silently protect her. Nihal left for studies, but he let his heart there so that Sibel to guard it forever. When he finished his studies, he returned to his place, with the immortal hope, that his beloved was there. But unfortunately, even though he read her favorite words aloud, she did not listen. Nihal was informed of Sibel’s escape, and he felt that he had lost the Earth under his feet. ‘’ (Papa, page 34).

The Willpower and Love for Life can be the best motivators ever that push people to bring to the surface their inner Power. Through characterization, Melina Papa, crafts a novel that illuminates the power that every one of us, hides inside and proves that once this Power is used correctly, indeed it can work Wonders!


Melina Papa, through her novel titled, The Heart Charmer, wants to encourage every one of us, to believe in his/her own power, because Melina, firmly believes that Willpower can shatter all kinds of hardships that unwillingly intrude to everyone’s Life!

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