John Foundation Journal of EduSpark

(A Quarterly Peer Reviewed/Refereed Multidisciplinary Journal)


Review Policy

Common Policy

Author or Authors may submit their manuscripts in electronic form through the official email to the Chief Editor. As soon as the manuscript is received, it will be scrutinized and reviewed by the experts to check whether the manuscript is relevant to the journal or not and the result will be intimated to the authors for further action.

The critical review of the articles

The reviewers after receiving the article, they have to go through abstract alone and write up a few sentences to the editor’s e-mail with regard to the status of the abstract of the research paper or article. The reviewers have the right to accept or decline the invitation to review within the stipulated time. They can also write any number of reasons for declining the reviewed papers. As soon as a research paper is received to review, the reviewers have to review it and send it immediately to the editor.

If the reviewer has any time constraint or is not able to review the paper or he needs a lot of time he/she may report to the chief editor. The chief editor may send the same paper to the other relevant reviewer.

The authors have to go through the reviewed manuscript once or thrice, and send the corrected papers to the editor.

The reviewers have to go through the paper very thoroughly and judge effectively based on the following aspects:

     ✔  Originality without plagiarism

     ✔  The topic of the subject matter and its suitable title

     ✔  Techniques, Methods, Approaches relevant to the topic selected

     ✔  Data analysed using appropriate statistical techniques

     ✔  Literature citations both in the documents and reference

     ✔  Selection of scientific format such as APA, MLA and so on

     ✔  Proper interpretation and discussion in the findings.

     ✔  The capability of organizing ideas and coherency.

     ✔  Adherence to the instructions to authors.

     ✔  Appropriateness of figures and tables.

     ✔  Length prescribed.

The following are compulsorily attached to the manuscript:


It is an offence. Hence, the authors should be very cautious while writing the manuscript and sending to the editor.

Attestation of authors:

Every paper should have author’s own concept or ideas and the data should not be manipulated or false or wrong or imitated.

Dual submission and/or publication:

Once the paper is sent to our publication it should not be sent to other publishers.

Publication Policy

Any addition, deletion or modification may be done for pruning in the paper. Provided the authors may substantiate their statements or concept with relevant evidence for the acceptability of their papers. Authors can avoid florid language dogmatic and dismissive statements.

An introductory paragraph may summarize with the major findings of the article. The highlights of the major shortcomings should be rectified appropriately before publication.

  • Quality papers will be taken in to consideration for an immediate, unconditional acceptance.
  • If a paper has serious flaws in any part of presentation with regard to methods, approaches, collection of data, employment of statistical techniques, interpretations and discussion, irrelevant recommendations and so on.
  • The paper carrying flaws will be sent to the author rectification and the corrected one will be sent for reviewing. And only then it will be published.

The publishers will act according to the Reviewers’ advice to the editors with regard to recommendation for acceptance, modification, or rejection of the manuscript. The final decision rests solely with the editor.